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Sewing, a rediscovered gem

Lockdown has inspired me to pick up my felt, fabric and thread so I could start sewing after not having done any for the last four years.  Before I came to university, I used to make animals out of felt, and sometimes I would make keyrings out of them to sell in my village Christmas…


Mental health and music

CW: Mental health, suicide The music industry is well known for its highs and lows. Despite this, so many people seem to flock to the business. I became acutely aware of the toll that music can take on mental health last summer, sat behind the bins of a pub in Leeds, having a full-on panic…


The Indie Genre

In the second of his three-part celebration of indie’s 40th year, Lewis Oxley discusses how it left its DIY roots and established itself as a popular genre. As the 1980s dragged on, the independent music scene was flourishing more than its founding fathers could ever have imagined. The success of Factory and Rough Trade’s lead…


Norway needs your knitting needles!

Norway is by and large viewed as one of the most progressive countries in the world, but I’m ashamed to say we’ve been faltering lately. Our conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, the second female PM in Norwegian history, has proposed to amend the current abortion law. This political gambit would make it more difficult for women…


Shame Review

Cheers subside, the crowd crackles electric. A single spotlight has snapped on, silhouetting through piped smoke guitarist Sean Coyle-Smith. Backlit, he lets the room hang like this a moment – then he carves into Dust on Trial, the opener to debut LP Songs of Praise. The riff builds to a crescendo, heart rates rise, the…


DIY Hairmasks

While Autumn means cosy jumpers and stylish boots, the cold weather can also take a toll on your locks. These five home made masks are cheap to make, and will have your hair looking strong and healthy. Dry Hair Coconut oil in liquid form. Massage the oil into the lengths of your hair for an…

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UEA Artists Presents: Doll Making

I don’t think there was ever a point in my life where I didn’t love dolls. The cutesier, more delicate they were, the more I adored them. I started collections from an early age, scouring car boot sales and second hand shops and spending my hard-earned pocket money on those teensy-tiny Polly Pockets, the little…


How to make your own lavender-scented heart

DIY can be daunting for some, spelling out expensive materials and complicated instructions which leave you frustrated and wishing you’d just gone to the shops! But this doesn’t have to be the case. These lavender scented hearts not only look great but they’re really simple to make and easy on the purse strings. They can…

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