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Venue Reviews: Whitney

Kevin Macdonald’s Whitney marks the second documentary to delve into the life and career of Whitney Houston. Following on from Nick Broomfield and Rudi Dolezal’s behind-the-scenes portrait of the star with last year’s Whitney: Can I Be Me, Kevin Macdonald’s rather conventional documentary is a heartfelt, yet curiously distant deconstruction of Houston’s private and public…


Blue Planet II: Review

It’s a common complaint these days: there’s nothing original on the screen, with cinema being stuffed full of sequels, remakes and comic-book adaptations. And I agree myself, to a degree. However, there’s two things worth bearing in mind: first, originality does not always equal quality; case in point – Adam Sandler’s career. Second is the…


Review – The Hunt

Want to know how a crocodile imitating a floating log is guaranteed to catch a wildebeest? Simple. The conniving creature has not eaten in a year and is starting to get snappy. As the first attempt of securing a successful snack fails, the reptile must re-think his plan of attack if he is to survive…

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Britain is broke and so am I

“The super-rich are taking over”. These were the concerning opening lines of Jacques Peretti’s fascinating BBC documentary The Super-Rich and Us. The corruption, greed and inequality that this programme exposed was enough to make your blood boil with anger, and Peretti’s subtle yet clever presenting style made this an incredibly engaging, if infinitely maddening watch….

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Nick Broomfield Q&A at Cinema City

Somerset-born Nick Broomfield is primarily known for his documentaries, which have been said to inspire the more self-reflexive and ‘gonzo’ style of film-making that can be seen in the work of Michael Moore and Louis Theroux. His best known work includes Kurt and Courtney, Aileen Wuornos: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Biggie and Tupac….

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