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Patrick Melrose and the trauma of the aristocracy

  Downton Abbey, The Crown, countless World War II dramas — British television loves to romanticise the aristocracy. The lives of the rich, upper elite have unquestionably been glamourised and idealised over and over again on our screens, perpetuating the social institutions that continue to plague English society across the globe.  Television, in my opinion,…

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Farewell to Downton

Suffice to say that Downton Abbey has had its fair share of disastrous endings, climactic Christmas specials, and suspicious servants. However, it all drew to a rather more pleasant conclusion on Christmas Day, with everyone seemingly getting their deserved happy ending. The everlasting estate and breeding ground for scandal has managed to take centre stage…

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The End of an Era: an emotional farewell to Downton Abbey

The sixth and final series of Downton Abbey is well underway, bringing the Crawleys into the mid 1920s. 1925 was a year of great change politically, (the introduction of the ‘Administration of Estates Act’ and the return of the ‘Gold Standard’) and technologically (the first use of TV transmission and hairdryers). It seems appropriate that…

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Doing Joan: Fashion in TV

Ever been watching your favourite TV show and wished you could replicate a certain character’s look? I guarantee everyone has wanted to dress and style themselves on their favourite character at least once. Think the “The Rachel” hairstyle that seemingly every woman wanted in the late 90s thanks to Friends. But it’s the clothes that…

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Venue’s Guide to Christmas Television

It’s Christmas evening. You’ve opened all of your presents. You’ve stuffed your face with turkey, potatoes, and pudding, and had a few too many glasses of Bucks Fizz. You’ve had several awkward conversations with elderly relatives and the obligatory Christmas phone calls to relatives you never see (reminding you exactly why you never see them.)…

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