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Creative Writing


When I was younger I used to have these little plastic cut outs for drawing around. I’d do them all the time, almost compulsively, but there would always be more. I’d spend hours and never run out. Then I realised, I’d never be done, I’d never accomplish anything because there would always be more and…

Creative Writing


I try to make something different, I really do. But he’s still there. He always finds me. It was a long time ago when he started existing on the page; my page, not his. It was never his page. I gave him life, and everybody loved him — more than they could love me. He…


No drinking allowed: alternative ways to spend an evening

1. Pay Norwich food cycle a visit for a delicious FREE three course meal- 19:00 most Fridays (check the Facebook group weekly for any changes) at Quaker House on Upper Goat Lane, all are welcome to a vegetarian extravaganza! The team are dedicated to tackling food waste which means we get fed for free hurray!…