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Dreaming is believing

According to the Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, “hope is a waking dream”. To this day, his comment still rings true. The recent onset of a new variant of Covid has cast a dark spell over the UK, a time of extreme restriction on the hospitality sector with only essential travel permitted. The solution is an…

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You came alive in our half-awake dreams Etching your way into consciousness through a tunnel of ears Past the stairwell into other human passages. Your claws ate into the floorboard and teeth Itched away at the chemical lining It made the ceiling cry out – Every movement brought voice Half-squeaks and higher tones, taking tension…


The power of memories

It’s common knowledge that travel is amongst the best activities to enhance yourself personally, whether that be through cultural enrichment, or eye-opening experiences and personal growth. I have travelled to places and done things in my travels that speak for all of these eventualities, but the most profound benefit I experience day-to-day because of these,…


Bullying between house‘mates’

Sharing a house is a rite of passage, with many becoming infatuated with the idea after their first viewing of Friends. However, is living within the close confines of pizza box-hoarding students really all it’s cut out to be? Over the last few weeks, I’ve quickly realised my rocky experience with housemates is not uncommon….

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Dreams and reality

Every night, my dreams get stranger, but then they always have been strange. I’m back at school – I go back there often – and it’s Monday, P.E. day, but I don’t have my P.E. Kit. It’s not just a P.E. day, it’s a swimming day, and I have to borrow a swimming costume, which…


Slava’s Snow Show – review

How to review a show like this? I’m not even sure where to begin so I’ll borrow some words from the show’s creator Slava Polunin: “One day I decided that I wanted to create a show that would take us back to our childhood dreams; a show which would help spectators be released from the…

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