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Is it easy to do Veganuary at UEA?

Veganuary has boomed since it first started back in 2014, increasing with participants worldwide each year. It is a non-profit movement which encourages people to go vegan throughout the month of January, a challenge of great popularity but how easy, or difficult, is it to be vegan for a month (or longer)? What opportunities do…


A guide to New Year’s resolutions

‘My New Year’s resolution, is to stick to my resolutions’, a promise that I have made to myself on multiple occasions. Resolutions polarise public opinion. Some adore them, some despise them. There is something to be said for setting resolutions: they inspire change, self-improvement and achievement, which can pave the way for a brilliant year….

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I can’t eat my soup. I told mum that I wouldn’t eat it, but she heats it up for me anyway. ‘Just in case’, she says. Just in case. I watch her hook her finger under the metal latch and begin to peel the lid off. I watch it hesitate, and bend over in a…



When the Beet drops: Why I admit I’m speciesist Another year and another batch of budding vegans and veggies. A recent survey showed the number of UK vegans has grown to 3.5 million, and the veggie population to 7 million. It seems like everyone’s becoming one. They’re the kind of person you wouldn’t be too…


Norwich: tips and tricks

If you’re thinking this guide is going to tell you about Norwich’s history, population size or nature reserves, stop reading here – go to tourist information, grab a coffee, then come back to this page. This is for the fresher and returning student- the student who is fairly familiar with Norwich, and the student who…


How to eat ethically in Norwich

Eating locally is a great way of making a difference to both the environment and your conscience. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in Norwich that stock organic, ethically sourced food. Here are just a few.

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