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Sustainable Refresh

Fast fashion is having a detrimental effect upon the environment. In fact, a recent government audit claimed that 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions were produced by the fashion industry in 2015; more emissions than aviation and shipping combined. Recently, there’s been a surge amongst millennials in wanting to know that our clothes have been…


How eco-friendly are we really?

If you look around campus, being eco-friendly is everywhere: on signs in cafes, posters above bins and even plastered on printers, but just how effective is this? UEA has seemingly outstanding waste statistics, spending £260,000 every year on its recycling scheme. 90 percent of waste is recycled; and rightly so, the university has long been…


Earth Day

On Sunday 22 April, tens of thousands of runners took part in the London Marathon. Entrants faced scorching temperatures and an unforgiving sun, attempting to claim the pride and satisfaction of completing the notorious course. Earth Day is an annual event, raising awareness and action for environmental issues across the globe. With over a billion…


UEA goes green

Facilitated nationally by People and Planet, Go Green Week at UEA is an exciting programme of events aiming to share highlights of UEA sustainability with its staff and students. It encourages people to join collective positive action for the environment and global society. The events will be running on campus from 12-16 February and will…


How to be green

Recycle! Just like your cardboard and beer bottles, the council picks up your unwanted textiles (no matter what condition they are in)! Instead of throwing away old clothes, this is an easy alternative that permits you that nice warm feeling inside. Invest in quality, not quantity Especially in winter, you want clothes that’ll last you…

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