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‘What garbage editorial’

Above all, student journalism has taught me the following: you can’t chase a story in heels and a thick skin is as vital to your job as a pen. Luckily, this isn’t my first rodeo and I have both. Each week in Concrete is different, and this was no exception. We reached a record number…

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Less than half of UEA students meet their offer

Less than half of UEA students achieved the grades needed to secure their place last year, with numbers dropping from 64 percent in 2013/14 to 47 percent in 2018/19. There figures showed a consistent decrease in figures year upon year. One of the most significant drops occurred this year, where the percentage of students meeting…

Venue editors' column

Venue Editorial 344

This has been yet another tough week for the arts world.  It’s starting to feel like nearly every day a new sexual harassment charge is made against a previously much loved Hollywood actor, or musician. For those of us who truly appreciate the work of these artists, this can be an incredibly disappointing shock. Good…

Editor's column

Concrete, Christmas, challenges

Deadlines are looming, the nights are drawing darker earlier, and seminar attendance is dropping down into the half-dozens. Christmas lights have been put up around campus and the Tunnel of Light has returned to the marketplace, though the Media Collective have yet to tear up copies of Concrete to make paper chains as is tradition….

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Solidarity and science

It’s cold, really cold. Across the city, student houses are beginning to have the ‘when shall we turn the heating on?’ chat. It’s a controversial issue: some students want to huddle by the radiator from September to April, others are perfectly happy to live in the Library until daffodils spurt and you can stop seeing…

Venue editors' column

Venue editorial 342

Welcome to my favourite Venue of the year: the Halloween issue. There’s no better excuse than Halloween to dress outrageously and have a great night out, or curl up with a scary film and your housemates for a great night in. For those seeking a little Halloween inspiration, this week we’ve explored everything spooky in…

Editor's column

Concrete editorial 342: Happy Halloween!

Last week Concrete reported on a video of UEA’s local MP jokingly yelling “get on your knees bitch” at Labour conference. Mr Lewis has since apologised for the comment, but no doubt about it, he’s lost the respect of a fair few UEA students. Often with politics, we’re told to overlook a politician’s personal opinions…

Venue editors' column

Venue editorial 342 – Deputy editor

Halloween-related culture is important, I’d argue far more so than Christmas nonsense. This issue will help you find out what to watch, listen to, play, or enjoy, but it misses one thing – how to fit it all in. You don’t want to be enjoying Halloween things in November, that’s just embarrasing. You’re going to…

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