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The revival of 90s fashion

We have had the 70s flares come back into fashion, along with the 80s vibrancy and now we are seeing the 90s appearing in our daily lives. Recently there has been an increase in shops and shoppers buying 90s style clothing. Shopping spaces are now the site of a low budget Spice Girls tribute, whether…


The new neon and winged eyeshadow

2018 saw the return of the 80’s velvet and corduroy as fashionable fabrics to include in your wardrobe. 2019 is continuing this – Instagram feeds include artistic neon wonders with jet black eyeliner to compliment. Kendell Jenner’s Instagram photo of her with vivid green eyes set others off on the hunt for the boldest looks…


Forever Toto

Echoing one of the song’s most famous lines, it’s gonna take a lot to take away the sounds of Toto’s ‘Africa’ from the Namib Desert. Artist Max Siedentopf has set up an installation of six speakers with the 1982 hit playing on loop, assisted by solar batteries. He wanted the song to play for eternity…


Dystopian future in Back to the Future part II

Whilst there were no hoverboards, flying cars, or self-tying shoes in 2015, Back to the Future Part II predicted that a certain rich and powerful character would become an important point of discussion in the future. In this dystopian version of America, one can draw strange and scary comparisons to Trump’s America, and Trump himself….


The LCMarr

Johnny Marr is undisputed music royalty, idolised as a king, if not a god, by fans of The Smiths, Modest Mouse, and Electronic (a sliver of his myriad projects). Thus, news of his return to Norwich evoked a wave of anticipation, spearheaded by memories of his melodic, chirping guitar and melancholic lyrics. Though, if Marr…


8 great films from the 80s

Our writers share their favourite 80s films and put Ready Player One to shame… The King of Comedy “Director Martin Scorsese’s fifth collaboration with Robert De Niro, ‘‘The King of Comedy’’ is a grossly underrated and initially misunderstood black comedy that flopped on release. De Niro disappears into the role of Rupert Pupkin, a man…

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