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Jobs at risk as Airbus ends A380 production

European plane producer Airbus has announced that it will soon cease production of one of its most iconic passenger planes. It could hold up to 800 people and was once the world’s largest passenger capacity aircraft. The decision came as Emirates, Airbus’ largest purchaser of the A380, moves towards using a selection of smaller, more…


Behind The Feed

The Feed, in Norwich, is a community based social enterprise. They aim to help people who have experienced homelessness with training and employment, whilst also working to change the perception of homelessness across the public and private sectors. I met with Lucy Webb, The Feed’s corporate fundraiser, at their new hub on Prince of Wales…


Comment Box: Sam Gyimah misses the mark with ‘grade inflation’

More students achieving first class degrees is not a bad thing. At least, it shouldn’t be. With education standards in the UK generally improving and year-on-year more students getting into Britain’s world-class universities, should it not be a success story to have so many leave higher education with such a fantastic degree classification? The fact…


The Finance Roundup

U.S confident about post-Brexit talks Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, has said that the UK would be at the front of the queue for a free trade deal with the US when “the UK is ready.” This is reassuring following uncertainty about a deal being reached since the vote. Canadian marijuana merger In the…


Uber loses employment rights case

The legal action started in October 2016 against Uber on behalf of first the GMB union and the IWGB union has resulted in a ruling against Uber’s appeal that its drivers are self-employed. It is not the end for Uber, however. The firm plans on taking the case to the employment appeal tribunal and if…


Can we afford to be artists?

Arts Degrees. Let’s all just cut to the chase and admit that they are, essentially, the laughing stock of the degree world. And honestly, why are we surprised? Any subject that considers seven hours a week contact time enough to award a degree has got to be missing something. But it’s not just our inability…


Jodie Bailey zeros in on zero hours

The statistics from the TUC and the ONS are worrying to say the least. Last year the number of people relying on zero-hour contracts for their main source of income increased by 13 percent. Approximately 905,000 people depend on these insecure contracts, and out of these people, most of them are young, female or from…


Top job market continues to be dominated by privately educated

New research conducted by the Sutton Trust educational charity officially confirms that the leading professions are dominated by the privately educated. The revelation has been condemned by the social mobility commission who have argued that the underprivileged are “too often shut out from Britain’s top jobs”. Sir Peter Lampl, chair of the Sutton Trust, stated:…

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