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New study reveals record numbers are now in graduate jobs

Record numbers of graduates are in professional standard jobs, according to new research by Higher Education charity, Prospects. The annually produced ‘What do graduates do?’ report, this year revealed the progresses of 276,735 full and part-time degree graduates in January 2015, six months after graduation. The results show that almost 200,000 of the Class of…


The absurdity of Jeremy Hunt’s “cultural signal”

In spite of criticism of the cuts being made to Working Tax Credits (WTCs), Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended the Conservative Welfare Bill, labelling the cuts as “a very important cultural signal”. He went on to compare the British economy with the Chinese economy, stating: “My wife is Chinese, and if we want this…


44% of students don’t know what they want to do after graduation

New statistics released by Allaboutcareers.com, a leading careers exploration website, reveal that 44% of undergraduates are unable to define the industry that they would like to work in once they graduate. Over 37,000 undergraduates and 1500 school and college students were asked about their career aspirations and 52% of school students agreed or strongly agreed…


Graduate employment reaches ten-year high

A study has found that those students who were among the first to pay higher tuition fees will graduate into the most attractive job market for a decade. A study by the company,High Fliers into the graduate job market in 2015 expect that recruitment will be at its highest for ten years. The study encourages…


Falling unemployment: a manipulation of the truth

Anyone with an basic understanding of statistics would know that facts and figures can be manipulated to say pretty much whatever you want them to. The recent fall in unemployment to 6% may sound promising, but it is not quite the success story the Tories claim it to be. Matthew Aldrich, lecturer in Economics at…

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