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Fashion Companies to Limit Overall Clothing Production

Are consumers buying too many clothes? We all know that buying from huge fast-fashion companies has a detrimental impact on the environment. The fast-fashion industry has experienced rapid growth in the last few years. This was heightened during the pandemic, due to the increased popularisation of online shopping which churns out hundreds of new designs…

Climate Change

COP26: A comfy, convenient throne for the capitalist elite

At the COP26 conference commencing this Sunday, world leaders will once again meet to discuss what they will describe as “transformative” and “innovative” climate policies designed to put “people and planet first”. Sadly, the all-too-common political mistrust we now see across most leading democracies means the majority of us are likely to dismiss this event…


‘How Getting Outside Can Help You On The Inside’

As we approach Winter it can be useful to acknowledge the importance of nature to positive mental health. With temperatures dropping and days shortening, it becomes easier to stay inside. However, when you are outside amongst nature it is an all-consuming experience, not only providing your body with Vitamin D and reducing stress but acting…


The environmental impact of live music

Without question, the live music industry is facing a time of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty due to Covid-19. However, even before the pandemic took hold, there were issues within the sector, notably its role within the global climate crisis. Recent research suggests the live music industry releases approximately 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year,…


Should we ban cars in cities: for the drivers

Hoping to tackle air pollution and reduce congestion, a Birmingham transport plan has been released which will ban private cars from driving through the city centre. The goal is for travel within the city to be public transport-oriented, not car-oriented According to a resident of an adjacent village, the current public transport system is so unreliable that…

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January 2022
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