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Amazon turtle populations recovering well thanks to local action

The previously over-exploited Giant South American Turtle population is making a steady recovery thanks to the work of UEA and its partner universities in the UK and South America. Conservation teams have implemented a bottom-up strategy of protecting the turtles’ habitat by employing local people as beach guards. Their primary aim is to protect the…


Californian wildfires

Since June this year, wildfires have fiercely swept across the state of California, USA. The latest, beginning in early November, has already claimed dozens of lives and hundreds of homes. More than 500 people remain missing. For months, residents in the state have had to flee their homes, sometimes with only minutes to spare before…


How eco-friendly are we really?

If you look around campus, being eco-friendly is everywhere: on signs in cafes, posters above bins and even plastered on printers, but just how effective is this? UEA has seemingly outstanding waste statistics, spending £260,000 every year on its recycling scheme. 90 percent of waste is recycled; and rightly so, the university has long been…


Scientist from UEA develops climate change app

Craig Wallace, a senior research associate at UEA, has released EarthSystemData, one of the world’s first apps to enable users to explore current and future climate change information. “I want members of the public to have access to the same climate information that governments and businesses are using to plan for the future,” said Wallace….


An Interview with: Lord Deben

John Selwyn Gummer, Lord Deben There are a number of concessions around Carrow Road which sell various items of fast food to Norwich’s hungry football fans on matchdays. Today, the stadium has been taken over by UEA for graduation, so none of them are open. It’s just as well really, because I’ve never had a…