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The death of DVD

In the last decade society has shifted from having DVD’s lining the shelves of TV cabinets and bookcases, to streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime dominating the film and television industry.  DVDs were a phenomenon when they were first invented and changed the shape of both the television and film industries. Unlike CD’s, the…


Eco-friendly new year

Many of us want to make environmentally conscious choices, and a new academic year feels like an opportunity to make changes for a greener lifestyle. However, some of the suggested methods for eco-friendly living don’t always to appeal to those of us on a budget. Here are my five tips for caring for the environment…


Eco Fashion: A trend for the future

Conscious trends can be found in a plethora of stores worldwide and are becoming more popular by the day, proving fashion is no stranger to the eruption of the eco-age. This trend includes anything from the use of organic cotton to the recycling clothes campaign in H&M. The reason being that sustainable fashion is the…