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Ethical travel

In modern society, there is a tendency to not ask questions. Not much consideration is placed on some aspects of life and, as a result, a common disregard for consequences and effects is present. Travel, in recent years, has been commodified, in that people flock to countries in far off lands for the bragging rights,…

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The moral and ethical obligations of Apple

On 2nd December last year a medical centre in San Bernardino, California, was the location of a terrorist attack which left 14 people killed and 22 injured. It was another American tragedy, and the various powers leapt to work to understand why it happened and how it could be prevented. And then on February 9th…

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The True Cost

The True Cost is a documentary that discusses the issues within the clothing industry, particularly the ever growing gap between manufacturing costs and selling prices. Fast fashion has transformed the way in which clothing is processed from factory to franchise and has led to businesses trying to develop new designs whilst continuing to maintain attractive…


Swimming with dolphins: the bitter reality behind the dream

For many, swimming with dolphins is either a favourite holiday past-time or an activity to tick off the bucket list. Yet many fail to ensure that their experience is safe for the dolphins as well. In 2013 the popu- lar documentary Blackfish raised public awareness concerning the controversies of the marine-tourism industry. Since then, questions…

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Branding in music videos

For What do Nicki Minaj’s Pills and Potions, Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here and Azealia Banks’ Yung Rapunxel all have in common? Aside from chart-topping and mainstream success, a pretty blatant product placement of Beats by Dr Dre. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, you will recognise the image; the speakers are shaped like a…

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