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It’s okay to miss a game

Exercise has often been praised as a way of helping to cope with mental illness. And while exercise can reduce stress by releasing endorphins, when taken to a professional level, pursuing sports can become the subject of much anxiety. The charity Mind has stated that there can be a number of factors which induce the…


Prioritising you during Freshers

Freshers’ week is certainly a momentous time in every student’s life. It marks the transition from the comfort of home, to a world of new opportunities and independence. One thing  however, that is bound to accompany this change, is stress. Whilst trying to fit-in to your new setting, it can be easy to fall into…


Fad diets: harmful or harmless fun?

So, as I’m writing this, the new year is fast approaching, and everyone is walking around in a bleary eyed, cheese filled daze as we all try and work out where on earth 2018 has gone and what on earth we’ve all achieved in the past 364 days or so. One of the easiest points…


Hiking and Birdwatching in New Zealand

If there’s one thing that everybody says about New Zealand, it’s that it’s one of the most beautiful countries to visit, especially for the scenery. When I visited last Easter for my brother’s graduation, we decided to come early so we could hike along the Banks Peninsula. Offering a variety of hiking trails, we opted…


Maintaining those new, positive habits

1. Start small: Keep the habit super small. When you make it as small as possible, it becomes your new “normal” because you can begin integrating it into your life gradually. Just start walking to uni a little faster, getting off the bus a stop earlier, or waking up five minutes before your usual alarm….


Ways to make exercise fun

Making time for exercise tends to get forgotten in the busy world of university. In your life of work, socialising, Netflix and exercising can often seem like the optional extra you just don’t have time for any more. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And honestly, it probably shouldn’t be. With the UK…

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