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Game soundtracks

The music of gaming is not just an afterthought anymore. The high-calibre games of 2018 possess such detail and finesse in their plots, characters and designs that it would be a crime to underscore the whole affair with the repetitive elevator music of old. For one genre in particular, this is of even greater importance…


EU universities say Brexit is hindering research collaborations

University organisations in the EU have said there is detrimental uncertainty surrounding the UK’s continued involvement in post-Brexit European programmes. Higher education organisations called for urgent clarification as to what Britain’s position will be in academic research and programmes such as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ after leaving the EU. The government said Britain will maintain…

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This cake is not a lie

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”Portal’s Fake Cake”]For this cake you’ll need the usual sponge cake ingredients- equal ounces of sugar, butter and self-raising flour, and half this number in eggs, as well as icing to top. 1) Mix together the butter and sugar. Add the eggs and sift in the flour. Mix until it forms a nice…

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The Music of Fallout 4

For a number of reasons music is hard to get right in video games. Firstly, there is the balance between the game’s original score and the collection of licensed music to get right. The original score helps to set the atmosphere and set the tone, with a number of set pieces which help you to…

June 2022
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