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The editor’s Netflix picks

Fargo season 3 (22nd Jan) For those who have doubt over Ewan McGregor’s range as an actor (as I did), I would advise watching the third season of Fargo to witness his (now Golden Globe winning) performance as both twin brothers: Emmit and Ray Stussy. The acting is phenomenal, with Carrie Coon (pictured) giving a…


Rise of the anthology

An anthology series, which tells a different story in each episode or season, is certainly not a new concept to television. Even in the 1950s this form proved popular: The Twilight Zone is perhaps the most famous and influential example, and its popularity has seen it undergo multiple revival attempts, for better or for worse….

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Fargo back to the 70s

Fargo has exploded back onto the small screen, and to say expectations were high is an understatement. After a surprisingly gripping and binge-able first series starring everyone’s favourite Hobbit, Martin Freeman, and the calmest psychopath to grace TV, Billy Bob Thornton’s Malvo, the bar was indeed set high for this anthology series which follows an…


Nour Ibrahim talks Fargo’s Molly

It’s not hard to love Molly Solverson, and it’s not hard because she’s the only intelligent life there seems to be on FX’s Fargo, a loose, serialised re-telling of the Coen Brothers’ classic film of the same name. Unless of course you consider Malvo, but he’s a homicidal psychopath and we really shouldn’t be sympathising…

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Review: Fargo

“But I’ve already seen Fargo!” No you haven’t, shut up. Inspired by the film of the same name by the Coen brothers’ (who act as executive producers), this new FX show is brought to you by writer Noah Hawley. A loose adaptation of the film, Hawley picks and chooses from the original to create his…

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