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Sustainable Refresh

Fast fashion is having a detrimental effect upon the environment. In fact, a recent government audit claimed that 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions were produced by the fashion industry in 2015; more emissions than aviation and shipping combined. Recently, there’s been a surge amongst millennials in wanting to know that our clothes have been…

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Alexa Chung x Vogue

The fashion industry is notoriously hard to get into. In new YouTube web series Future of Fashion, Alexa Chung, with British Vogue, explores this and many other preconceptions that we as a society may hold. In the videos she states that “The fashion industry is often a closed book… unless you’re well versed on how…

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The True Cost

The True Cost is a documentary that discusses the issues within the clothing industry, particularly the ever growing gap between manufacturing costs and selling prices. Fast fashion has transformed the way in which clothing is processed from factory to franchise and has led to businesses trying to develop new designs whilst continuing to maintain attractive…

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