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The racism behind fast fashion

Following the tragic murder of George Floyd and the outrage it sparked, the world has erupted in Black Lives Matter protests. This has gone beyond issues of police brutality and has sparked a re-evaluation of multiple industries and their relationships with race. Students and employees have bravely opened up about their experiences as Black individuals…

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Molly-Mae and the scrutiny of women’s bodies

Paparazzi shots have recently surfaced of former Love-Islander Molly-Mae in a bikini whilst on holiday in Ibiza. A Twitter user shared a tweet expressing outrage at replies left on the Daily Mail article that showcased the images. Despite Molly-Mae having what many would consider a conventionally attractive, desirable, size 8 body, the comments were filled…

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The problem with Shein

Fashion retailer Shein has shot up in popularity over the last few years; I myself have shopped with them many times before and have always loved the affordability, cute prints and good quality items. But I and many others will not shop with them again until they take a hard look at their approach to…

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The racial bias of the ‘influencer’ world

The daily routine of almost every young person in the developed world revolves, in one way or another, around social media. Social media has a gigantic influence over billions of lives, making the profession of the “influencer” a much-coveted role. In recent weeks, social media has become a vehicle for the advocacy for racial equality,…

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The power of the slogan-tee

The way we present ourselves to society has always been a powerful tool of self-expression. Today, the slogan tee is both a fashion trend and a political statement. The first political t-shirt emerged in the 70s when Vivienne Westwood established the now legendary “SEX” boutique in London. The collection in question featured depictions of homoeroticism…

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