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You control what?

Eating disorders live within and amongst us. Most have encountered it in some form, knowing friends and family with a history of disordered eating. This feels like a ‘make or break’ period for those facing psychiatric impediment. Recovery without the occasional step backwards is to be expected, and few health journeys are quick. No recovery…


Jailbreak 2020

Shortly after reading week, two of my friends and I heard about Livewire’s charity event; Jailbreak 2020! The goal was to get as far away from UEA in 36 hours, whilst spending none of our money. There were also various challenges in place, to gain points that could put you in the lead. Challenges included…


Life in lockdown

University teaching is out for Summer! Social distancing is now in place. You will be at home with your parents. You can no longer have hobbies that are outside. Exercise has to be once a day. Friendships, dating and seeing relatives has to be done through video calling. This is your essential survivors’ guide for…

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