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BLM in Norwich : the struggle continues

Nearly six months since the death of George Floyd, we have seen a resurgence in the Black Lives Matter Movement in the UK. Even closer was the rise of the movement within Norwich, which started with a protest on 7 June 2020. The first BLM protest in Norwich was huge, with an estimated 2000 people…


Changing my degree out of boredom

Pretty much everything in my life changed within the space of a few hours. And why? I’ve switched courses at the UEA – from BA Politics and International Relations to BSc Psychology – 1st year on both courses. Roughly 280 people switched courses this academic year and last academic year. This is the story of…


Gen Z: the ‘lost’ generation

With the sudden ubiquity of the phrases “low” and “high risk”, it’s easy to regard Gen Z – those born after the year 1995 – as a generation almost entirely unhindered by Covid-19. But whilst most of our generation are less at risk of being gravely affected by the virus itself, such a  narrow focus…

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