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The environmental impact of live music

Without question, the live music industry is facing a time of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty due to Covid-19. However, even before the pandemic took hold, there were issues within the sector, notably its role within the global climate crisis. Recent research suggests the live music industry releases approximately 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year,…

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Destinations that celebrate Black lives

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained traction not just in America, but throughout the entire world. So, if you’re interested in places that celebrate Black lives, here are some options. When this pesky Coronavirus allows us to travel again, maybe you’ll consider some of these: Montreal, Canada A beautiful and charming city, Montreal is…


Welcome (back) to the Black Parade – MCR are back

Emo twitter is thriving. On 31st October, a fitting holiday for the band, My Chemical Romance announced an LA reunion show in December. Since this news, several more shows have been announced, mostly regarding Download Festivals in different countries. So far, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand have been lucky enough to have the iconic rock…

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Interview – Clean Cut Kid

Liverpudlian quartert Clean Cut Kid have enjoyed a dramatic rise in popularity since the release of debut smash ‘Vitamin C’ last summer. They’ve been touted by Radio 1, featured on Spotify’s ‘Viral Chart’, and have performed at Reading and Leeds. Alice Mortimer sat down with the band before their gig at the Waterfront in support…

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Festivals: Europe v UK

From Amsterdam’s Dekmantel to the Isle of Wight’s Bestival At the start of this summer I had, shamefully, never frequented a music festival. Friends at uni would gasp in surprise as I told them that in my nineteen years, I had never once had to endure the unprecedented scale of Glastonbury or Reading’s horrific toilets….

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