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Charlie’s Angels: Rebooted

The iconic ‘70s TV show, Charlie’s Angels is being rebooted by Elizabeth Banks (writer and director). The stars of the film Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott take a tried and tested formula and make it relevant. It could perhaps spark a new era for the franchise by releasing it to a new audience. …

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Violence, Joker and Moral Panic

‘Joker’ is currently at the centre of heated discussion across the political spectrum, capturing a wave of passionate debate in a way few films can. Typically, the Express and the Mail will attack films with anything that even mildly offends their strict moral sensibilities. From the violence of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ to…

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Joker: An incredible, visceral performance

‘Joker’ marks a new age for DC and Warner Bros. Once seen as marvel’s lacklustre competition, DC now welcomes projects completely separate to their cinematic universe. Telling the origin of perhaps one of the most famous villains in history, ‘Joker’ presents the story of Arthur Fleck and his downfall, leading to him becoming Batman’s ultimate…


The origins of the bucket list

What makes you get up in the morning when you know the end is near? This very question looms over Rob Reiner’s 2007 film The Bucket List. Set in the present-day United States, Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) and Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) are two men diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, who meet in the hospital…

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Autumn Previews

The Joker  The Clown Prince of Crime is returning to our screens in yet another incarnation. While initial feedback to the upcoming DC Universe film understandably showed some apprehension, acclaim from the Venice Film Festival and an all star cast of Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro has led to the film being one of…

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GLOW, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

GLOW portrays an exciting and colourful story about the rise of female wrestling, filled with scandal, misogyny and heartache. The show has recently released its third series and it is clear that the plot line is becoming more outrageous in order to keep its audience entertained.  This series is drama filled. Ruth and Debbie continue…

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Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the next cult classic. Let’s start with Quentin Tarantino. When anyone utters his name I reckon many of us think of the same thing. Violence. Extreme, graphic and bloody. It’s only after a few of the more famous deaths in Tarantino’s films pass through my mind that I…


Review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

In spite of mixed critical reception, King of the Monsters serves as a powerful continuation of Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse series and as a love letter to long-time fans as well as the franchise’s pioneers. The film hosts some of the most impressive cinematography seen this year, with the true weight of its super-sized stars being…

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    Decolonising English in Argentina
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    Decolonising English in Argentina
    New forms of saviourism -it never ends this perpetuating of the Global South being something that needs visits from those good-willed who want to "help" from the Global North. It…
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