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The revival of 90s fashion

We have had the 70s flares come back into fashion, along with the 80s vibrancy and now we are seeing the 90s appearing in our daily lives. Recently there has been an increase in shops and shoppers buying 90s style clothing. Shopping spaces are now the site of a low budget Spice Girls tribute, whether…

Creative Writing

“Please can I have a bedtime story?”

You beg for a story, it’s long past your bedtime, But I suppose one little tale wouldn’t be a crime, I’ve only just come out to say hello, From the murky depths of your bed below You reach out to feel me, you want a hug Your scent intoxicates me, my own personal drug Breathe…


Flashback to the 70s

Fashionistas and designers have been dabbling in and reviving elements of 1970s style for the past few years. Now, Vogue predicts this trend will go through the roof in 2015. How can a fashion conscious UEA student replicate this style? Before you rush out to the High Street (where there will be an abundance of…