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How to cope with fear of flying – 8 tips

Reportedly, one in ten are afraid of flying, which means that right now thousands of people are gripping the armrests of their plane-seats in prolonged, mid-air panic. As someone who has suffered from aviophobia for years, I bring you eight tips on how to cope with your fear of flying: Take your time: The airport…


What to do during a layover

We all run the risk of a long layover between flights when flying to far away destinations. There are numerous things to do to pass the time both inside the airport and outside. I asked the Twitter travel community what they do in a layover, and they were more than willing to share their experiences….


Coming to America

The queue for customs in Chicago takes two hours and my connecting flight has already left. I am crying. I leave my phone at the desk when checking my bags in for the next flight and don’t realise until I’m leaving the terminal. I cry more. A wonderful steward finds it for me and gives…


Global Round Up 360

US election update The first presidential debate, held on September 26, summarized in almost half an hour each runner’s ideas about their opponents and proposals for the future of their country. The economy was a core topic, especially with regard to taxes. Whereas one of Trump’s main arguments was a huge tax-cut to encourage investment…

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Discover Workaway: By Working Away

As students, many of us find difficulty in scraping up the money to get away. Sure, discount flight companies like RyanAir and EasyJet make it easier to get around the destinations closer to home, but let’s not forget hostel costs, food and drink, getting your hands on some beautiful Moroccan pillowcases, the list goes on….

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