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Hurricane Dorian lashes at the Bahamas

On the 24th August, a tropical depression formed south-east of Barbados. Over a matter of days, as it was studied by NASA satellites, it developed into hurricane Dorian. Passing over Barbados as a tropical storm, Dorian quickly reached hurricane status on the 28th August near the U.S. Virgin Islands. By The 2nd September, Dorian was…

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Library evacuated due to flooding

The university library was completely evacuated yesterday afternoon for over two hours following flooding on the ground floor. What initially appeared as a minor leak from a light fixture quickly grew into a serious problem, with sections of the ground floor ceiling collapsing above the library’s reception desk. There have been no reports of injuries…


Flash flood emergency in South Asia

1,200 people have been killed by flooding in South Asia, which has affected India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This occured after a monsoon on 29 August Flooding was so severe in Mumbai that a four storey building collapsed onto a busy street as flood waters caused chaos across the country. Said building contained a nursery school…


Northern England floods won’t affect UK stance on global warming

Forget the elephant, there’s a mammoth in the room, and it’s terrorising northern England. Global warming has been a major – though largely unrecognised – factor in the floods that have crippled our country over the Christmas period. It is easy to think of climate change as a far-off problem we won’t have to worry…

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