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Universities divest amid protests

About half of UK universities with shares in fossil fuel companies have committed to selling their shares in these companies after sustained pressure from eco-conscious students who have occupied buildings, carrying out hunger strikes. Seventy-eight of the UK’s 154 public universities have joined the divestment campaign, either divesting, or pledging to divest hundreds of millions…


An Interview with: Lord Deben

John Selwyn Gummer, Lord Deben There are a number of concessions around Carrow Road which sell various items of fast food to Norwich’s hungry football fans on matchdays. Today, the stadium has been taken over by UEA for graduation, so none of them are open. It’s just as well really, because I’ve never had a…


Fossil fools or green giants?

Despite being one of the pioneering universities in terms of environmental consciousness, describing itself as an “exemplary low carbon campus”, UEA is still to fully divest, with around £130,000 invested in fossil fuel companies such as Shell and Rio Tinto. The international organisation Fossil Free have previously urged the university to withdraw such investments in…


Fossil fuels in a modern world

Divestment. What a bloody big word. I’m sure that most of you are as familiar as I was with the term up until about a week ago when plans were made to feature it in our section here at Concrete. Although, the whole, albeit terrifyingly dull, term ‘fossil fuel divestment’ couldn’t be more relevant to…


The alternatives to fossil fuels

Wind Offshore wind turbines have the largest potential to help meet the UK’s energy demands in a low carbon way. As a renewable energy resource, this is also a potentially infinite supply. The UK is one of the best locations for wind power because as an island our off-shore windfarms are very successful. Tidal The…


Vice Chancellor responds to fossil free UEA petition

David Richardson, the UEA vice-chancellor, has responded to an open letter signed by almost 100 UEA academics calling for the university to divest from its financial connections with fossil fuel companies. The open letter describes the university “a pioneer of environmentally responsible policy and practice” but it insists that the institution “must also look to ensure…


Campaigners construct oil rig outside Registry

Student campaigners presented UEA management with a giant oil rig as “a Christmas present” on Monday 8th December, after the university’s finance group rejected proposals to end UEA’s £135,000 investment in fossil fuels. The stunt is the latest in a series of protests and actions that are part of the Fossil Free campaign, which calls…

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