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The Cult of Glossier

Glossier; the ‘skin first, make up second’ brand achieved enormous success promoting imperfect realist beauty, attracting Millennials all over the globe. Established in 2014, Glossier has a net worth of $1.2 billion with a social media following of over 2 million. What’s more impressive? The brand began from a blog. Emily Weiss started her career at…


Makeup from the movies

Themed makeup, for example to recreate the theme of a particular film, can be a cute way of delivering a fierce look whilst also paying homage to something you love. But some argue this is just a way to exploit customers into paying more for certain products. Most makeup in a collection themed around a…


The best BB and CC creams

It’s a new year and you want a fresh and radiant glow to add to your everyday routine. Then you will be looking for a BB or CC cream. Time to know your acronyms; a BB cream is a beauty blemish cream and a CC cream is a colour correcting cream and depending on whether…


Beauty Blenders: Is the brush outdated?

The ongoing debate of our times. Some people swear by them, others don’t buy into the fuss. Personally, I’m in the latter camp; I’ve dipped my toes in the murky, foundation coloured waters, but have not emerged a more aesthetically pleasing person. I do enjoy a good makeup routine, but certainly for my day-to-day look,…


Beauty on a budget

Best Foundation Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless in 110 is a good medium to high coverage foundation. It is very buildable and is not prone to streaking. For £6.99 you get just over one fluid ounce or 30ml which puts it in the very affordable range of foundations that are available in the drugstore….


Beauty blending my heart

I don’t use makeup, but I still love beauty blenders. Unless your name is Bob Ross, you can’t brush my face, but anyone can put a mushy foam egg to my face and I will eat that up. Brushes are old hat. You aren’t decorating a shed, put down the DIY tools. Your face deserves…


50 Shades of Orange

Foundation is a staple product for millions of people worldwide, so it’s rather bizarre that with the many different skin tones in the world, brands aren’t reflecting this in their foundation shades. Walking through the aisles of Boots it’s disheartening to see 50 shades of orange… and pretty much nothing else. But it’s not all…

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