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Netanyahu charged with fraud

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. The charges come after a turbulent period in Israeli politics, as Netanyahu tries to hold on to his political career. Mandelblit announced the corruption charges, “with a heavy heart” on Thursday 21 and…



Based on a true event, Hustlers tells the story of a group of strip club dancers who, after the 2008 economic collapse, decide to commit fraud by drugging their male patrons and stealing their money. The cinematography within the film was excellent, even more so when one takes into consideration the film was shot in…


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing corruption charges after a two-year investigation. This would make him the second Prime Minister of Israel to be indicted if the attorney general continues with his decision, after his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, was sentenced and charged with corruption back in 2009. Prosecutors would have to go…


SFE Fraud uncovered

Fraud in Britain’s student loan system has been uncovered by a ten-month long BBC Panorama investigation in one of England’s biggest private colleges. Greenwich School of Management (GSM London), whose degrees are awarded by Plymouth University, receives approximately £66m each year in taxpayer-backed maintenance and tuition fee loans. Students that attend are mostly enrolled by…


The finance round-up

UK banks to be reviewed by the Serious Fraud Office in wake of South African corruption scandal. The SFO and other financial regulators are to investigate whether HSBC and Standard Chartered were involved in a South African corruption scandal. Labour peer Lord Peter Hain suggested that up to £400m of funds may have been laundered,…


UK universities in “plagiarism epidemic”

An investigation by The Times has revealed close to 50,000 students have been caught cheating over the past three years, after submitting their academic work. Of the 129 UK universities that formed a part of the investigation, the University of Kent was considered the worst university for student cheating – with 1,947 cases – followed…


Student finance fraud warnings

Student Finance England (SFE) is warning undergraduates, and first years in particular, to be aware of potential online scams attempting to access and steal their student finance payments. These scams take the form of emails requesting personal details and access to accounts; students are warned to be wary of emails that do not contain identification,…

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