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Clive Lewis opposes Extinction Rebellion ban

Norwich MP Clive Lewis shows support for embattled Extinction Rebellion protests. After protestors from climate change pressure group Extinction Rebellion brought London to a standstill, the Metropolitan police placed a total ban on all protests held in their jurisdiction from 9pm Monday, October 14 and 6pm Friday, October 18.  However, Labour’s Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich…


‘Freedom to criticise ideas is being eroded’: Oxford University student newspaper editor resigns following article censure

An editorial member of Cherwell, Oxford University’s independent student newspaper, has resigned following the publication’s refusal to publish one of his articles online. It has been reported that the reason for this refusal was due to the fact that the article in question ‘could be considered offensive’. Former Profiles Editor for the paper, Freddie Hayward,…


BBC research reveals lack of censorship across universities

Recent research conducted by the BBC’s Reality Check facility has revealed a distinct lack of evidence to support the widely purported notion that universities are actively seeking to stifle free speech. This followed a recent Parliamentary inquiry resulting in the Office for Students threatening to fine universities for failures to uphold the principles and tenets…


Millenials are snowflakes

Most freshers this year will have been born in the year 2000: complete and utter millennials. Yet this seemingly harmless, edgy label has often been synonymous with being perceived as  “snowflakes” – for being too thin-skinned and taking offence over everything. But does this have an element of truth, or is this really just another…

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To speak or not to speak?

The right to free speech originated as an attempt to limit the power of governments. It was about ensuring that the state couldn’t harass, imprison or shoot people for expressing their political philosophy. More recently this has developed into the argument that groups should have access to the means of expression. That’s why we have…


In favour of Jo Johnson’s reforms

[hr gap=”null”]This holiday, Jo Johnson implemented reforms to the university system that have been labelled as the biggest in 25 years. Amongst these was the creation of the new Office for Students – which will regulate university outcomes, chiefly, free speech. There will be measures to stop universities ‘no-platforming’ speakers with the aim to create…


Should gaming forums be moderated more?

No! “NeoGAF was briefly taken down after a tweet accused its founder, Tyler Malka, of assault. Mr Malka recovered control of his site and denies the allegations. Some users have started to separate themselves from the community. Some people are using this as a chance to further their case that community websites should have more…


Universities told “commit to free speech”

The universities minister, Jo Johnson, has said universities that use ‘No Platforming’ and ‘safe spaces’ to prevent free speech could face action from the Government’s new higher education regulator, the Office for Students (OfS). The Times have reported that this action could include powers to fine, suspend or even deregister universities if they “do not…

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