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UEA policies limit free speech

No matter how reprehensible something may be, banning anything legal will always infringe on free speech. These measures, including those UEA and the SU have advocated impose particular viewpoints and moral standards over everyone regardless of whether they can even be justified. The vague language used by UEA inhibits students’ free speech. For example, leaflets…


Milo Yiannopoulos’ fall from grace is a lesson in not feeding the trolls

It finally happened. Conservative America has at long last run out of patience with its latest ‘alt-right’ darling. Milo Yiannopoulos, who once described himself as “the most fabulous supervillain on the internet,” has eventually, thankfully, learned what the word he clearly never heard as a child sounds like: “enough.” As karmic retribution goes, it doesn’t…


Hate crime laws equate to censorship

We are used to our civil liberties in the UK. We are comfortable with them. But this comfort can be dangerous. It makes us careless. We lose our vigilance, that vital vigilance that is the guardian of freedom. There is no better example of the damaging result of this carelessness than the tolerance and enforcement…


#Right2Debate campaign encourages student unions to challenge controversial speakers

A student-led free speech campaign supported by counter-extremism think tank Quilliam has been launched amid what has been termed an “epidemic” of university censorship. The #Right2Debate movement urges student unions and the NUS to allow students to “challenge and moderate” controversial speakers rather than banning them, condemning the regression of many student bodies into “censorship…

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UEA scores red in university free speech rankings

Online political magazine Spiked.com has given the University of East Anglia a red ranking in the Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR), a significant change from the green ranking it awarded in 2015. The website surveyed all British universities and their students unions and ranked them using a traffic light system. Red universities, such as UEA,…

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Free speech at UEA is at risk

Last week proved to be a very important week in relation to freedom of speech and censorship. First there was the revelation that universities may be made exempt from Freedom of Information (FOI) requests; then Spiked.com released its free speech university rankings, giving UEA a red (compared to last year’s green); and Friday was the…


Ukip event to go ahead as union officer targeted

Following the postponing of a political discussion featuring speakers from Ukip, an online attack has been launched on the student union’s Postgraduate Education Officer, Liam McCafferty. After a decision was taken on Thursday 27th November to postpone the debate, which was organised by the PSI Society, “due to the review processes for external speakers not…

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