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All that glitters in HBO’s Euphoria

HBO’s breakout show Euphoria had everybody hooked over summer. Not only have the characters and their stories stayed with us, but so has the fashion and makeup. The makeup on the show, created by Donni Davy, isn’t just part of a costume, it is key in visualising character development and can most clearly be seen…


Prioritising you during Freshers

Freshers’ week is certainly a momentous time in every student’s life. It marks the transition from the comfort of home, to a world of new opportunities and independence. One thing  however, that is bound to accompany this change, is stress. Whilst trying to fit-in to your new setting, it can be easy to fall into…


Freshers without drinking

One of my best memories from my first year at UEA is Freshers’ Week. Not because of the LCR and clubbing nights, but because of the incredibly varied events the university organised. As an EU student, the UK drinking culture initially surprised me. My previous classmates liked to go out, but I never had alcohol…


Cheaper freshers’ week wristbands after last year’s complaints

This week saw the launch of UEA’s new Freshers and Returners bundles, offering more choice and flexibility than previous years. Concrete reported last year that both current and prospective students were disappointed with the considerable increase in cost for admission to Freshers, with the SU charging students £85 for week one wristbands. This was raised…


Concrete’s fresher food tips

Living in halls is hard. We get it. Here are our best tips on how to feed yourself at university. “To survive the  communal kitchens, wash your stuff ASAP. Don’t leave it till tomorrow because tomorrow will turn into next week.” “Don’t leave your fruit and veg in the bags they come in. Please don’t….


Break the day with UEA radio

The stresses of starting university, moving away from your family, and taking the first steps to adulthood are not always easy to cope with. Thankfully Eleanor Martin, Head of Events at Livewire – UEA’s official student radio has organised an event to cater for those who might feel this way. From 9:00 to 13:00 on…

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