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Red String

Our midnight conversations over mulled wine transformed into afternoon espionages, armed with nothing but cold sandwiches – people watching. Our three PM classes on igneous rocks maneuvered into six AM walks by the broad, skipping pebbles from the trail; as the morning sun varnishes elm branches vermillion.  Then came the rain.  Trickling softly; its rhythm…


UEA swim team is ready for action

I’ve been swimming competitively as part of a club for almost 12 years now. I’m the longest-running member of my club back home, and I decided to continue my involvement in the sport by joining the UEA team last year. I’m a massive fan of the sport. Like athletics, swimming is more of an individual…


Does Freshers Week rely too heavily on drinking?

A poll has exposed that over half of Concrete readers believe Freshers Week relies too heavily on drinking. In the  poll conducted by Concrete, 58% of respondents said they thought Freshers Week is too centred on alcohol.  Yet 42% disagreed, indicating they believe Freshers Week is not too focused on drinking. This comes after the…


Prioritising you during Freshers

Freshers’ week is certainly a momentous time in every student’s life. It marks the transition from the comfort of home, to a world of new opportunities and independence. One thing  however, that is bound to accompany this change, is stress. Whilst trying to fit-in to your new setting, it can be easy to fall into…

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