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Deputy Editors' Column

Too many goodbyes, too many thank yous

It’s very weird to know that this is my last immortalised editorial. I always get stuck on writing these and they always seem to get very floaty and philosophical. Sorry.  The Concrete office has been the site of many giggles and laughs and many life lessons. It is the place where I was first given…

Deputy Editors' Column

“Where are the women?”

Recently in a seminar we were discussing the idea of “overlapping consensus.” The notion that no matter how different we are, two individuals will, somehow, find a similarity to each other. Even if that is as basic as wanting food, shelter and warmth.  “Overlapping consensus” essentially destroys two very big notions undertaken often in politics…

Deputy Editors' Column

Go well, UEA

Hello! I hope you all had a restful and peaceful holiday. In my research into previous issues I have discovered various, and slightly amusing, stories about our University. UEA used to have a Morris Dancing society and the SU council once voted to ban KitKats. In issue 004 of Concrete, published in October 1992, a…

Deputy Editors' Column

A new chapter and fresh start

Thank you and welcome to your first edition of Concrete for the year 2021/22. The past year and a half has been incredibly turbulent and emotional for all of us – life will never really be the same again. I’ve noticed there is a new sense of gratitude and excitement among us all. The return to…

August 2022
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    Decolonising English in Argentina
    We are facing a climate catastrophy, the translation or proofreading could have been done online. Decolonising seems to be used to justify all sorts of things, including bad ones like…
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    Decolonising English in Argentina
    New forms of saviourism -it never ends this perpetuating of the Global South being something that needs visits from those good-willed who want to "help" from the Global North. It…
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