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Saturday Night, Sunday Morning and the Rebellion of Youth

Like many British films in its day, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960) features an angry young man – but this one doesn’t know where to throw his kitchen sink. Bored of his job as a factory worker, Arthur (Albert Finney) tries to own the streets of Nottingham through heavy drinking and love affairs. And…


Is the internet making us ill?

Reports of internet-related medical conditions are on the rise. From cyberchondria to cyber hoarding, many of these techno-age disorders are thought to be digital versions of analogue conditions. Whilst most internet usage is not dangerous to health, specialists are interested in understanding whether these new conditions are likely to be short or long-term issues, and…


Nicky Morgan voices raises fears of Brexit impact on young people

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has warned “if Britain leaves the Europe, it will be young people who suffer the most”. Appearing on BBC Breakfast on 29th March, Morgan argued that the younger generation are already struggling to find jobs as companies are suspending vacancies until the EU referendum result is announced on the 23rd June….