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During darker times, when I identified myself in many ways that no longer resonate at all, I was selected to take part in a trip to Morocco with Girlguiding. In preparation for the trip we met once a month to talk about what we would put in our backpacks and to break the ice, so…

Creative Writing

for Wonu

the light that comes in contact with her skin won’t change the fire in her heart light is meant to solidify                       to beautify but in this situation, it won’t temperate anything. Like Concrete on Facebook to stay up to date

Creative Writing

Girl outside

Have you seen her eyes? Searching grass stains Reaching up the bark Of her rough touch, Rough hands Legs like hay, the hairs like needles, Could lose thoughts in them, do you understand? Oh, have you seen her eyes? Dancing lily pads, I once tried to catch them in the lake — Silly mistake, oh…

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