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Rising temperatures could make Earth uninhabitable

With climate change comes a series of unfortunate consequences, and rising temperatures are at the top of the list. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous for areas near the equator as the rapidly increasing heat threatens to make these regions literally uninhabitable. The latest research has announced that rising temperatures and humidity are pushing tropical areas…


Three young people are suing the UK Government

On December 12th, three young British-citizens launched a campaign to sue the UK Government for its domestic and international violations of human rights, exactly five years after the UK adopted the landmark Paris Climate Agreement. The campaign, ‘Global Majority vs. UK Gov’, is backed by climate litigation charity Plan B and the Stop The Maangamizi…


Two whales found dead in the Thames

On Tuesday, October 8, a humpback whale that was previously spotted in the Thames was found dead by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).   The humpback, lovingly nicknamed Hessy, was a rare breed thought to have died due to being nutritionally compromised. However, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) conducted a necropsy and found…


Record temperatures point to climate change

This summer has been noticeably hot across the UK. It is something no doubt most of us will have experienced. July 2019 was one of the warmest months ever recorded. The August Bank Holiday temperatures hit 33.2C, which makes it the hottest August Bank Holiday in history. Scientists have warned we must limit warming to 1.5C to avoid…


Ben Santer Interview

In 1973, Ben Santer was an undergraduate in the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA, a position I now find myself in. Back then, Dr Santer could never have predicted that over 45 years later he would be returning to receive an Honorary Doctorate of science, for his service to advancing climate change evidence, but…


Find the good amidst the gloom

‘The battle to feed humanity is already lost.’ That’s the cheerful assessment of a book called The Population Bomb, which was published in the 60s. It concludes we in the western world will have starved to death by the early 80s. Now a UN report published this month underlines 2018’s ‘increased number of intense hurricanes…

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