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Claims for UK-territory intensify: Is the tide turning for an archipelago adrift?

The struggle for control over an Indian Ocean archipelago continued to develop earlier this month. Accompanying a scientific survey to the UK-held territory, a party of officials and evicted Chagossians ceremoniously erected the Mauritian flag. The British Foreign Office has responded that the UK does not recognise Mauritius’s claim to the Chagos archipelago. Of the…

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Global Investigates: Latin America’s femicide crisis

The World Health Organization defines femicide as the “intentional murder of women because they are women.” Globally, there remains a significant lack of data in regards to femicide rates, with many governments failing to collate data specifically relating to the murder of women. Instead, gender based murder is counted amongst overall homicide figures, obscuring the…


The Taliban Continue Their Devastating Advance Through Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan continues to change rapidly as the Taliban take additional provincial capitals. In two weeks, the largely Pashtun-based Islamic fundamentalist force has gone from controlling no regional capitals, despite large territorial gains, to taking the south-western cities of Zaranj and Farah city and the northern cities of Aybak, Kunduz, Sar-e-Pul, Taloqan, Sheberghan,…


Hong Kong Activists Jailed over protests

Three of Hong Kong’s most prominent pro-democracy activists have been jailed for their role in the ongoing protests. Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Ivan Lam, aged 24, 23, and 26 respectively, have all been convicted of “unauthorised assembly”. The activists were charged in court last month, for their participation in protests outside police headquarters in…


Israel Election Looms as lawmakers Vote to Dissolve Parliament

On Wednesday Israel’s Parliament (the Knesset) voted in favour of a preliminary bill to dissolve itself following budget delays, moving the country towards its fourth election in two years. The Knesset voted in favour of dissolvement following the defence minister Benny Gantz accusing current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of deliberately delaying decisions on the national…

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