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Emotional scenes as people across the globe unite to thank health workers in fight against Covid-19

Scenes of unity, appreciation and respect for the health workers currently on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic have swept across the globe. The United Kingdom and the United States have started a #LightItBlue campaign in which major landmarks across the countries have been turned into beacons of blue to…


The Cult of Glossier

Glossier; the ‘skin first, make up second’ brand achieved enormous success promoting imperfect realist beauty, attracting Millennials all over the globe. Established in 2014, Glossier has a net worth of $1.2 billion with a social media following of over 2 million. What’s more impressive? The brand began from a blog. Emily Weiss started her career at…


Eating insects to save the planet?

For most, the thought of eating grubs and crickets for dinner is the stuff of nightmares which should remain on I’m a Celebrity. However, there is evidence to suggest that eating insects, far from being a nightmare, could be the key to preventing rising sea levels and increasingly intense heatwaves. Global warming is such a…


12 years left for planet Earth

A report by the United Nations’ team of leading climate scientists warns that there are only a dozen years before the world’s temperature will rise by one and a half degrees Celsius, resulting in irreparable damage to the planet. This will cause wildfires, flooding, drought, extreme heat and poverty for millions of humans and animals…


A revolutionary theatrical portrayal: Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe

When you are anticipating to see, or to use Mark Rylance’s preferred term for experiencing a Shakespeare play, to hear the award-winning actor himself on stage, you know you’re in for a treat. Our excitement was therefore sky high as we attended a performance of Claire van Kampen’s production of Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe on Saturday…


Real life Waters of Mars?

It may sound like an episode of Doctor Who, but scientists believe that they may have found an underground lake on Mars.   Blurry radar scans of the planet reveal what is believed to be a frozen, salty reservoir some 12- miles across and lying around one mile beneath the surface of the planet’s South…

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