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Music documentaries: what’s the point

There’s no denying that music documentaries can offer a new angle on well-loved bands or musicians, however many may argue these documentaries aren’t needed. The main issue I have with such documentaries is that they can be viewed as a means to simply make money. The primary thing I love about any artist is their…


Biopics – Pointless genre or pointless argument?

Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic that went through multiple directors, lead actors, and took the best part of a decade to make, finally got its release this year and people were… well, people about the whole thing. Some people adored it, saying it was a wonderful reminder of Queen’s music and many have praised…


Google forced to adjust policy following walk out

Google employees walked out earlier this month over sexual harassment policies that have preserved a culture of turning a blind eye to both sexual harassment and discrimination. The technology giant has been forced to overhaul its policies following the direct action staged by staff. The walkout was organised by employees in response to claims that…


Does tech take over travel?

In the era of Google Maps and smartphones, we often turn to the convenience of digital maps in our phone apps to navigate our way through our travels. Of course there is always the good old trusty physical maps that is available for free at the airports and tourist information points, but we have become…


Ecosia: the tree-planting search engine

The search engine Ecosia, which enjoys a strong following among students, has passed the latest milestone on its way to a target of using advertising revenue to plant a billion trees by 2020. According to the counter on its website, the ten-million mark was reached Thursday 29 June. I would be lying if I claimed…


Google searching for ways to avoid fine

The European Commission has fined Google £2.1bn after concluding that the company misused their power by favouring their own shopping comparison service in online search results. The record-breaking fine is the largest penalty to date dealt against a company accused of distorting the market by the European Commission. The decision also states that Google must…

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