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UEA introduces ‘safety net’ for students

UEA has announced a ten-point plan for undergraduate assessment in summer 2020 after concerns the coronavirus pandemic may affect students’ grades. This comes as close to 1,800 students signed a petition calling for the University to “implement a no-detriment policy for end of year exams”. Harriet Davies, 21, is a third year Chemistry student at…


Genius in the making

Exams are notoriously getting harder every year, with this year being no different for the 580,000 who sat for their GCSEs this summer. One student who did exceptionally well was Janey Little, who sat her exams at Clevedon School in North Somerset and achieved 13 Grade 9s. It has been made clear by the government…

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Less than half of UEA students meet their offer

Less than half of UEA students achieved the grades needed to secure their place last year, with numbers dropping from 64 percent in 2013/14 to 47 percent in 2018/19. There figures showed a consistent decrease in figures year upon year. One of the most significant drops occurred this year, where the percentage of students meeting…


Comment Box: Sam Gyimah misses the mark with ‘grade inflation’

More students achieving first class degrees is not a bad thing. At least, it shouldn’t be. With education standards in the UK generally improving and year-on-year more students getting into Britain’s world-class universities, should it not be a success story to have so many leave higher education with such a fantastic degree classification? The fact…


Increasing number of A Level students miss predicted grades

Students studying for their A Levels are less likely to achieve their predicted grades compared to those studying four years ago. A new report by UCAS has found that in 2014 18 year olds who were predicted ‘ABB’ were 34.7% less likely to achieve their predicted grades than students in 2010. For those predicted AAB,…

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