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Travelling after graduation

As I approach the end of my fourth year of university, a break from the stress is much needed. Whilst everyone around me are applying for a permanent job, my intention is to travel – to see the world before I reluctantly find a job and start paying off my student debt! Having finished my…


What is it like as a graduate woman going into the workforce?

You’ve done it. You’ve swam your way through the Sportspark pool in your cap and gown. You’re officially a ‘proper’ adult, ready to face the world of graduate jobs. Yet of the swimmers who have spent approximately the last three years partying in the LCR and enduring late-night library sessions, a large group will go…


Alternatives to graduation at the Sportspark

Three (or more) years of hard work, persistence, and, okay, a few nights on the dancefloor have come down to this. Today is the day you graduate. You’ve earned this. With your mortarboard plonked firmly on your head and your robes proudly donned, you walk up to collect your diploma. Well, first you must run…

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4 out of 5 students unhappy with Sportspark graduation

A survey conducted by Concrete can reveal 4 out of 5 students are unhappy with graduating at the Sportspark. Last week, the university announced this year’s summer graduation will take place at the Sportspark’s Haydn Morris Hallwill, involving 19 ceremonies, and around 6,000 students. Previous ceremonies took place at Congregation Hall, however, last year’s event…

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