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What will you do after graduation…?

  ving studied Politics for the past two-and-a-bit years, I’m always met with the ‘oh, so you want to be an MP then?’ type questions by family, friends and even taxi drivers (who are always up for a discussion on politics). However, as someone who has only studied Politics as it was what I was…


Solo vs group travelling

One of the biggest trends right now, without a doubt, is travelling. Whether it’s for ‘soul-searching’, a graduation trip or just for fun, there are millions of travellers every year. I, myself, have travelled a lot – both alone and in a group. It’s because of these experiences that I want to explore the pros…


An Interview with: Charles Clarke

The year is 2005. Before Brexit, before Trump, before football came home and before the recession brought New Labour’s glory years to an end. I’m sat in my classroom, having just received a participation certificate and a letter on stamped Commons notepaper acknowledging my entry in then-Home Secretary and my local MP Charles Clarke’s annual…


Are grad trips worth it?

When I graduated from high-school, the majority of my classmates went on graduation trips to places like Japan, South Korea, Ko Samui, etc. I, however, didn’t go. My friends and I hadn’t really planned anything nor did I have the money. I didn’t feel it was right to ask my parents to pay either. Although, I did…

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2018 honorary graduates announced

The University announced its selection of honorary graduates for 2018, with the chosen 18 expected to attend ceremonies across the 16th-20th July. They will join the 4,500 students expected to graduate over this period. The annual awarding of Doctorates from the university seeks to acknowledge the immense contributions made by leading figures in fields such…


After university: work or travel?

Life after university can be a daunting prospect. Grasping that graduate job is something most third-year students worry about. However, many students are increasingly choosing to travel after university as opposed to going straight into the world of work. There are values and limitations to both options. For example, earning money is something most young…

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