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Easter around the world

Easter is a time celebrated throughout the world by religious and non-religious people. This year, Easter Sunday falls on the 21 April. Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Nowadays, it has become much more commercialised with the Easter bunny which has folkloric origins as the symbol of…


Europe Year in Review

With the ink now drying on an agreement between the UK and the EU’s 27 remaining states, the end is finally in sight for a series of negotiations that have dominated the public sphere in Europe over the past year. However, 2018 has been an incredibly significant year for the continent beyond Brexit, with many…


Greece’s green island

UEA has partnered up with the University of Applied Sciences in Piraeus, Greece to create a new green energy supply on the island of Tilos. Tilos is one of the smallest Greek islands with a population of only 200 during the winter months; the number jumps to 1,500 during summer with the tourist influx. The…


Working in Greece: the ideal holiday

It’s the type of summer you see on your friend’s-friend’s Facebook page, having stalked them one lonely and fairly bored night fueled by a little bit of wine and lot of exhaustion. The kind of Instagram worthy photos that feel so far from your own reality. It was sun and sea and wonderful company and…


Syriza: the left strikes back

As expected, a non-centre party -– indeed a party that is for all intents and purposes a socialist one – won the recent election in Greece, defeating the incumbent New Democracy Party (equivalent to the Conservatives in the UK). Although Syriza itself is an alliance of varying leftist groups, and even a right-wing group forms…


The consequences of hardship

It is well known that economic difficulty breeds support for extremism. The effects of the First World War birthed fascism in Italy and communism in Russia. The effects of the Great Depression of the 1930s saw the rise of a large number of right-wing dictatorships – most infamously, of course, Nazi Germany, but also those…

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