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Halloween alternatives to the LCR

Halloween is back, and it is one of, if not, the biggest nights of the year. The LCR is obviously a hotspot for UEA students, given that tickets are sold out immediately upon release. Those freshers who are living on campus are always particularly eager to get their hands on that coveted ticket. Naturally, many…


Soundtracking your nightmares

The soundtrack to any horror is vital. Jason Voorhees’ killing spree would hardly work as a horror if it was set to 80’s staple Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The legendary chestburster scene in Alien would be a non-starter if Freddie Mercury was belting out his desire to break free as it happened. It…


Spooky scary skele-tunes

Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus Midnight Circus coaxes you in with an off-kilter piano melody, welcoming you to an enthralling yet unsettling show caught in a kaleidoscope of adlibs, horns, and rollicking percussion. Ensnaring theatricality, eclectic polish, and pseudo-psychedelic jazz with the thrill and sleaze of a circus show struggling to keep itself together.   …


Bonfire Night and Halloween Events announced in City Centre

With both Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching, this year’s events to celebrate the festivities have recently been announced. Norwich’s Halloween Party will take place on Wednesday 31 October from 6pm to 8pm in Chapelfield Gardens. With fancy dress and entertainment, this year’s ‘Spooky City’ event promises an enjoyable evening. Following Spooky City will be Norwich’s…


Stranger Things returns

It’s been 469 days, or 67 weeks, or over Eleven thousand hours since Stranger Things graced Netflix, and they’ve been some incredibly tense hours. But now, the moment countless fan theories and frantic re-watches have lead to is here: the hugely anticipated release of Season 2. This Halloween, Stranger Things returns with its much anticipated second…


We’re going on a ghost walk…

There are few things in Norwich scarier than the LCR on a Tuesday night. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Norwich Ghost Walks is one of those things but nonetheless last week I found myself, and a few friends, trudging through the city’s streets behind a man in a black cape detailing the macabre tales behind…

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