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Guided Tour

The guide’s mortarboard cap is crooked, the tassel falling over the shadow of his face. Step lively. Keep close. These roads are a menace, particularly at dawn and dusk. You can never tell which way they’re going to come next. He steps forward and is followed, feet crunching the leaves that the hem of his…

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“We’ve distilled every fear into this pill. Consider it the closest you’ll get to Hell while you still have a heartbeat.” With a pitch like that, how could he resist? Perhaps it was the alpha male masculinity coursing his veins, or that dull plateau in life wedged between the racing 20s and the mellow 40s….


Perfect TV for Halloween

American Horror Story’s standalone format each series means the viewer can decide what type of horror they want to watch; from Asylum, which follows a group of institutionalised patients in the 1960’s, to a Cult which takes place after the 2016 Trump election. The first 10 minutes of each episode ar the most chilling, leaving…

Venue editors' column

Venue editorial 342

Welcome to my favourite Venue of the year: the Halloween issue. There’s no better excuse than Halloween to dress outrageously and have a great night out, or curl up with a scary film and your housemates for a great night in. For those seeking a little Halloween inspiration, this week we’ve explored everything spooky in…

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Carefully planned costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and there is so much inspiration for costumes out there if you’re willing to go all out! These outfits are inspired by popular films and TV shows of 2017. The characters in this top 6 will undoubtedly dominate Halloween. 1. Stranger Things With the return of Stranger Things, it’s highly likely…


VKs on me: a Halloween drinker’s guide

An evening largely celebrated around the world on 31st October where many of us as children will remember the customary game of trick-or-treating and coming home to bags of sweets that lasted all of five minutes. As innocent young children grew into young adults Halloween became a celebration filled with alcohol and a rather bad…

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My father always told me, Although I have no fears, never go in the attic, Which only boasted my intrigue.   For amongst abandoned talents what could there be To make him so erratic? My father still won’t tell me.   A ghost, I’d trap under a white sheet Disguise what might be traumatic To…

Creative Writing


I lay; Dead, breathing. I sat; Eyes closed, staring. I stood; Quiet, swaying. Always watching you. Observing the things you do. My locks were curled tight. Only you could break in. You used to play with me, but now I play you. With a glazed shine you lie; soon you will be monopolized. You told…

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