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Happy Go Lucky: “A Mood Lifter”

Directed by Mike Leigh, this is a severely underrated film. Our protagonist is a cheerful primary school teacher named Poppy, played by Sally Hawkins. All she can say after having her bike stolen is, “I didn’t even get to say goodbye!”. Her relentless optimism can cause irritation and mistrust, but Poppy blithely ignores this. Interestingly,…


Ward happy with 2s progress as season ends

UEA Lacrosse women’s seconds captain Michelle Ward is happy with the progress her charges have made after their BUCS campaign ended on Wednesday. They finished their season with a 6-3 loss to Nottingham 4s at Colney Lane, despite a positive performance and goals for man of the match Octavia Pither (2) and Izzy Fumpston. Ward…


To date or not to date?

Valentine’s Day: an excited rush to buy a new outfit, the break out of the most special of makeup and accessories, but for most, the worry that you won’t look good enough on a day that society has claimed to be one of the most important day of the year. Valentine’s Day can cause a…

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The Goddess of Spring

I first saw Cordelia the summer after someone tore out my heart on New Year’s Eve. Too much fog for specifics, but her glow cut through it all. Ivory skin and a wreath of gold leaf for hair. She’d not seen me before but said she’d have to try harder to. Her cyan eye left…

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The Pleasure of A Broken Rib

It can be hard to explain The pleasure of a broken rib. Bruises bloom across the soil beds of your chest, The warmth of the consistent ache Almost like a friend in its constancy. Fingers press and jab and fondle just to remind yourself that Yep, still stings like a net of nettles. But the…

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Out of Time

“Time is running out of time” and I’m not happy with myself “Time is running out of time” in the absence of mother’s help “Time is running out of time” and I’m not virtuous nor keen “Time is running out of time” in this era of antiquity we are out of halos and horns and…

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