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Misogyny is a hate crime

In recent weeks the issue of misogyny has been ever more present in the public eye, with the Sarah Everard case in particular garnering much media attention. Yet, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, continues to oppose the idea of misogyny being made a hate crime. I think it is important to note how treating other…


Hate Crime Bill passed by MSPs

Members of the Scottish Parliament have voted by 82 to 32 to pass the Scottish Government’s controversial hate crime bill.  The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill consolidates a number of laws into one piece of legislation that aims to provide increased protection for vulnerable groups, but the bill also creates a new offence…

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Transphobic stickers appear on campus

Transphobic messages have appeared on stickers around campus and in the city centre over the last week. It is currently unclear who is responsible for distributing the stickers, but UEA Security and Norfolk Police are investigating while also responding to reports made by taking down the stickers. The stickers contain extremely offensive messages which question…


Hate crime prevention grant for 11 universities

The Office for Students (OfS) has announced eleven universities in England will receive £480,000 of funding to tackle religious-based hate crime and harassment among the student population. The money will be used to fund projects that provide training, raise awareness and develop new approaches to the prevention of religious-based harassment. OfS Chief Executive Nicola Dandridge…


Village Shop reopened following arson attack

The Village Shop has reopened with help from the community following the post-Brexit arson attack. Andreea Abraham, daughter of the owner, is now studying for her masters degree at UEA. Andreea Abraham, daughter of the owner reopened the shop on 14th August with cakes to thank the community that had rallied around in support after…


Hate crime laws equate to censorship

We are used to our civil liberties in the UK. We are comfortable with them. But this comfort can be dangerous. It makes us careless. We lose our vigilance, that vital vigilance that is the guardian of freedom. There is no better example of the damaging result of this carelessness than the tolerance and enforcement…

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