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UEA teams with NHS to improve aphasia research

The Eastern Region arm of NHS research (National Institute for Health Research) has teamed up with UEA’s Aphasia Research Collaboration to take the first step in improving the experiences of research participants with Aphasia. Aphasia is a language impairment whereby patients have difficulty with speaking, reading and/or writing in many different ways. For example, they…


Bullying between house‘mates’

Sharing a house is a rite of passage, with many becoming infatuated with the idea after their first viewing of Friends. However, is living within the close confines of pizza box-hoarding students really all it’s cut out to be? Over the last few weeks, I’ve quickly realised my rocky experience with housemates is not uncommon….


Life expectancy in Norfolk

It has been concluded that with each stop on the District Line towards East London, life expectancy of the local inhabitants decreases by a year. As alarming as that sounds, according to a recent report compiled for Norfolk County Council, there currently exists a tremendous difference in life expectancies amongst people living in Norfolk, based…


Can we reduce food waste?

Most people know we produce enough food to feed everyone in the world, so why is it according to Oxfam that almost a billion people go to bed hungry each night? The problem is distribution. Western countries consume quantities of food that leave entire countries starving, with the average person in the west wasting 115kg…

Creative Writing


My nose, a dripping tap Throat embalmed with phlegm Head hot sticky like a child’s fingers jabbing my brain Body encased in a sea of blankets Distant radio buzz Weight drowning and anchoring me Diving deeper into my humid cave Eyelids falling shut My parents — both together then — piled together on the couch,…


Canada becomes second country to legalise cannabis use

Canada became the latest country to legalise the use of recreational cannabis, with the first legal purchase occurring on 17 October in Newfoundland. Medical cannabis use has been both legal and heavily regulated in Canada since 2001, but the Trudeau administration introduced the Cannabis Act to take control of the drug from criminal industry and…


Medicinal cannabis on path for legalisation

It is now September. The long days of summer are fleeting, and autumn will soon be in our midst. While the green leaves turn into sunsets on the trees, a different type of greenery is soon to be available to purchase for “exceptional circumstances”. As of this new season, specialist doctors in the UK will…


UEA researches vital micronutrients

Crucial to insuring the human body continues to function, micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals that every person around the world needs in a balanced diet. Deficiencies in micronutrients – such as iron, magnesium, and vitamin A – can be life threatening, but having too much of a nutrient can also be detrimental to one’s…

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