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Eating insects to save the planet?

For most, the thought of eating grubs and crickets for dinner is the stuff of nightmares which should remain on I’m a Celebrity. However, there is evidence to suggest that eating insects, far from being a nightmare, could be the key to preventing rising sea levels and increasingly intense heatwaves. Global warming is such a…



Huel needs to be hurled into hell. It’s a vitamin powder you blend with water to substitute your entire diet. It’s liquid lunch. And breakfast. And also dinner. I do of course realise I’m not exactly the target market for this food smoothie, which by the way, looks like wet cement. It’s mainly for those…


Is veganism the way to save our planet?

The increase in popularity of Veganuary has led to the question, what steps do we need to take to help save the environment? Megan L-Moran, a student who has recently become vegetarian, commented that ‘It is quite astonishing how the meat industry contributes so much to greenhouse gas emissions and how much land it uses….


Fad diets: harmful or harmless fun?

So, as I’m writing this, the new year is fast approaching, and everyone is walking around in a bleary eyed, cheese filled daze as we all try and work out where on earth 2018 has gone and what on earth we’ve all achieved in the past 364 days or so. One of the easiest points…


Why get involved in a sport at uni?

Sport Senior Reporter Meyzi Adoni chatted to members of UEA’s clubs to find out the benefits of taking up a sport at uni… For the past couple of weeks, I had a chance to talk with different people from various UEA sports clubs. As a person who grew up playing Tennis and Basketball, I know…



When the Beet drops: Why I admit I’m speciesist Another year and another batch of budding vegans and veggies. A recent survey showed the number of UK vegans has grown to 3.5 million, and the veggie population to 7 million. It seems like everyone’s becoming one. They’re the kind of person you wouldn’t be too…


Maintaining healthy brain

Here’s something to make you think: recent studies on cognitive decline conducted by charities such as Age UK have found that there are certain precautions and lifestyle changes that we can all make to keep our brains healthy and prevent, or at least delay, the onset of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Charity…


A surprsing verdict over weight loss ‘shaming’?

A recent study into obesity has found that “fat-shaming” is an ineffective, in fact, a counter-effective, method of encouraging weight loss. The investigation, conducted by researchers at University College London, spanned the day-to-day experiences of 2,944 participants over four years. 5% of these reported weight-based discrimination, of whom 1% were categorically of “normal weight”, and…

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